Welcome to a world of indulging in natural splendor. We believe your beauty and well being are heightened when your senses can open to nature's intelligence and mystical powers. We're committed to consciously creating products that work with nature to provide a superior experience in elevating your mind, body and soul. 

We love what we do, and we do it with passion! Our greatest joy is making natural based products that you love!

At ATAR GOLD VEGAN BEAUTY, we're committed to grow our line of Eco-Lux personal care products to be "green with envy", meaning, the most luxurious products that are environmentally conscious, and created with the power of nature and science to bring a heightened sense of well-being.
Meet the Founder of ATAR GOLD®:
                                                   Teri Donnelly, Founder                                          
Teri began her beauty making career at the Vidal Sassoon Centre in San Francisco in 1974, known as the "Harvard School of Hair Cutting". Teri quickly became a rising international star teaching and designing the latest trends to professional around the globe.Her successful reputation as a forward thinking leader allowed her to build a successful career with some of the industry giants such as L’Oreal, Shiseido, Redken, Wella, Sebastian, and and was a founding partner with Pravana. Her specialty was helping them with connecting product innovation with consumer trends.
It was Teri's love for inner and outer beauty that kept her fired up. She broke away from corporate life to pursue her dream, and in 2011 she contacted a friend to help her make an amazing natural fragrance unlike anything on the market. She hired a very special certified skincare chemist, Michelle Miller, whom from her kitchen/lab in San Diego started on Teri's innovation.  Teri's idea was a new natural fragrance, inspired by ancient Egypt. It needed to be made with pure gold known for its anti-aging properties and be gender neutral, for a man and a woman. It had to made with no alcohol, no greasy oils, no phthalates, and it needed to be clean, sustainable, cruelty and paraben free. With the genius of Teri's ideas and Michelle's chemistry expertise, they made an original natural fragrance that no one else had. The sexy scent from nature's attars - an Egyptian word for the oils of plants, woods and flowers - with leading notes of organic sandalwood, bergamot, jasmine and black pepper. Attars change to you body chemistry - either spicy, woody or fresh and powdery - it all depends on you! And so it was, in 2012 Atar Gold Natural Fragrance Serum was born!
In 2016, Teri kept creating with the launch of her amazing new vegan haircare line featuring four products that transforms any hair texture to become more manageable, silky, shiny, full of body, protects hair color and supports new hair growth. Yes its true! A gorgeous Sulfate-Free Vegan Shampoo, Ultra Light Daily Vegan Conditioner, Regenerate Vegan Hair Masque with a new innovation, a Vegan Nutrient Elixir Leave-in Bodifier. These four products work on all hair types, and they truly are all you need to care for the life of your hair.
So if you're looking for luxury green beauty products that really work - indulge your self in ATAR GOLD VEGAN BEAUTY and “transform the way you look and feel”.
 The Atar Gold inter-locking circular logo embodies the life-force of unity, passion and transformation, moving and creating with the forces of nature.
Come create with us!
 vegan fragrance serum - vegan hair care & traveler - all with sustainable bags!
We go where you go!
Contact us: info@atargold.com
Proudly Made in the USA 


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